Fitness Swim Spas

Swim spa fitness are products specifically designed for people who want to do all-round sports, combining swim with activities that can be performed in the water together with elastic bands and exercises on the spot.


With the combined use of the famous fit bands, latex bands capable of producing the resistance needed to train your muscles without the use of weights or dumbbells, you can make your body toned and strong.

With Fitness swim spa you train, do fitness exercises, aerobics, stretching, bodybuilding… all at home, without having to share spaces and equipment with strangers, taking advantage of the flaming action of water.
And when you feel like taking a break, you can always take a decontracting swim or a whirlpool.

You can customize your spa by choosing 18 Aristech Acrylic® textures (made in USA), 4 colors PVC skirt and many other accessories available.
Standard features includes Bluetooth® audio system with built-in speakers, Balboa Water Group® control panel and electronics (made in USA), chromotherapy.


Swim fitness spas are specifically designed for people who want to do all-round sports for a perfect and toned physique without leaving home

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