Single tub swim spas

Single tub swim spas are designed to allow groups of family or friends to spend unforgettable moments of sport and relaxation together in a compact space completed by every service.


Pass from swimming to hydromassage in no time and you will get a fast and effective reabsorption of lactic acid, tonic muscles and the feeling of pain and fatigue reduced to a minimum.

Your trainer may stay with you, seeing your setting and improving your swimming style.
Or you can practice having the company of your partner, so that you never give up unforgettable moments.

Everything at home, without having to book, go out… your training exactly when you want to do it!
Surely it is priceless, but if you estimate the cost of travel and the time lost in travel, you will hardly find a better solution!

Customize your swim spa: you have 18 Aristech Acrylic® textures (made in USA), 4 color PVC skirt and many other accessories available.
The basic equipment is already very complete and includes Bluetooth® audio system with integrated speakers, control panel and electronics Balboa Water Group® (made in USA), chromotherapy.


Single tub swim spas are designed to give family or friends the opportunity to do sport and relax in a compact space complete by all amenities

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264x87x65 in - 3 persons

42,500$ (Tax excl.)
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169x87x51 in - 5 persons

23,740$ (Tax excl.)
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224x87x51 in - 6 persons

42,115$ (Tax excl.)
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232x89x59 in - 5 persons

42,490$ (Tax excl.)
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232x89x59 in - 5 persons

51,240$ (Tax excl.)