Round whirlpool baths

With the round shaped whirlpool baths you will provide your bathroom with a spectacular and focused element that will transform an ordinary space into an oasis where you can forget stress and tension.
Thanks to our solutions suitable for all space and budget needs you can regenerate and improve your psychophysical well-being.


The whirlpool is synonymous with relaxation

The hot tub should be chosen on the basis of the functions and options it offers. You can have air or water massages, also in combination, for relaxing, strengthening, stimulating, therapeutic sessions. The flow of the air massage offers a relaxing and therapeutic effect, while the water massage tones and offers a calming effect on the nervous system and improves sleep and relaxation of the gastric walls.
Easy to clean and with very low maintenance, the tub is complete with chromotherapy and all the taps.

Choose the right bathtub

The size and shape of the environment are decisive in determining the shape of the hot tub.
In small bathrooms, for example, it is desirable to include a rectangular whirlpool bath, with compact dimensions and placed along a wall depending on the space available.
Compact models are available, with ideal depth to allow even the highest people enough space to fully immerse themselves.
For a medium sized bathroom you can opt for a triangular whirlpool bath, more suitable for rooms with a square plan and two free perpendicular walls. The larger models can be used by two people at the same time.
For large bathrooms, any shape can be freely chosen, including the modern rounded whirlpools, or the oval models, can be installed in an island version for a hot tub effect, or embedded for a spa atmosphere, comfortable whirlpools to wrap the body ergonomically.

The must of the moment is the bathtub in the middle of the room, which dominates the scene making the bathroom a place of charm. These whirlpool baths are available in all shapes and sizes, but for their installation it is necessary to have both the drain and the loading of water (hot and cold) on the floor and to equip the bathroom with floor-standing taps.
This type of installation generally has higher initial costs.



Round whirlpool bath for wellness and relaxation in the modern design bathroom and spectacular wate and air massage and embedded chromotherapy.

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∅59x24" - 1 person

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∅71x30 " - 2 persons

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